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Design / Development

Design provides the personality of the site. It makes sense to invest some time to get the “right” look, just the right “font” and so on and so forth.

It’s easy to get hung up site’s aesthetics. Should the logo be on the right or left, or center? May be a giant animated GIF in the center of the page! All fun aside, we want to make sure – the site is not just another pretty face in the sea of billion+ websites out there.

Form follows function

We design for usability, how easy it is to use the functions, and user experience, how enjoyable it is to interact with the site.

Principal of Simplicity

We keep in mind that users are not coming to your site for a design evaluation. They want to complete some action, or to find some specific piece of information. We never overwhelm a visitor with jarring fonts, colors, or elements that take away from your message.

Similar to the principle of simplicity we arrange and organize your website elements so that visitors naturally gravitate toward the most important elements first. After all, with emphasis on usability and UX, the goal is to lead visitors to complete a desired action, but in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

Keeping it fresh

An ongoing challenge for any company that has a Web presence is to keep its site fresh and current. Seasons come and go, inventories rise and fall, product pricing fluctuates to meet business demands and companies change. If business climates were static, things would be much easier. If that were the case, anyone could do it!

We specialize in developing customized Web sites that meet the needs of our customers. This includes a design that compliments the company’s image and a Web site that responds to the company’s strategic objectives. But, we go one step further by giving our clients the ability to manage their own site by changing its content as needed.

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