Website Development

Our approach to Website Design and Development

Design / Development

Design provides the personality of the site. We invest a great deal of time and effort into site design with the goal of establishing our clients’ sites as industry leaders. The site must be professional, aesthetically appealing, and inviting.

Web sites should be customized to address specific needs. This emphasizes the difference between Xpressions and other developers. Navigation through our sites is simple, intuitive and works!

User Experience

To be successful, a Web site must have a compelling ‘look and feel’. It must establish a user experience that engages the visitor and leaves a lasting impression. It should be designed so that the visitor is led through the site and is satisfied with the experience. Our objective is to provide designs that are logically planned, are easy to use, and resist becoming ‘dated’ with time.

From start to finish

We make every effort to shorten the time between the creation of an idea and the finished product. To accomplish this goal, emphasis is placed on communications. Clearly defined objectives are established upfront, and we remain in close contact with the client throughout the design process.

Designed with you in mind

Our design applications take advantage of today’s technologies while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s innovations. Successful designs not only attract and hold a visitor’s attention, but they also translate into increased business for the client. The real measure of success is not the attractiveness of the site but it’s Return On Investment!

Keeping it fresh

An ongoing challenge for any company that has a Web presence is to keep its site fresh and current. Seasons come and go, inventories rise and fall, product pricing fluctuates to meet business demands and companies change. If business climates were static, things would be much easier. If that were the case, anyone could do it! We offer a variety of maintenance programs strating at $99/month.

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