Cloud Hosting

The cloud is our Data Center

Better Hosting

Whether you choose to house your system in our high-speed data center or operate in your own facility, we offer complete operations outsourcing to handle you day-to-day operations.

Website/App Hosting

We manage and maintain our own virtual server farm on Microsoft Azure (IaaS). Your website is a critical business tool. Our Dedicated or shared hosting services for midsize to large enterprise customers offers powerful and robust solutions for your organization. Complemented by our 24/7 monitoring and support, Xpressions’ hosting service is the right solution for your business.

If we don't build it, We dont host it

We are not comodity hosting provider chasing the last dollar for cut rate hosting services. We only host applications that we write and carefuly manage application load and CPU/Memory usage. There is no rouge site or code that can harm your business.

Operations Outsourcing

If your organization operate your own facility, we offer complete operations outsourcing to handle:
  • Product uploads and seasonal catalog updates
  • Site merchandising operations
  • Managed hosting and system administration
  • Site metrics and transactional reporting
  • Email creation, bulk delivery, and tracking
  • Site optimization and enhancement
  • Content management system operations
  • System monitoring and 24/7 support
  • Product display and zoom enhancements
Cloud Hosting by Xpressions

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