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Purchasing product(s) should be a natural part of visiting a Web site. The ability to conduct secure transactions across the Internet provides your business with instant access to a worldwide market of buyers for your products and services. By leveraging the power of the Internet, your company can expand its market share by serving geographic and demographic market segments you’ve never been able to target or reach before.

What solution is right for you?

One “size” doesn’t fit all! Technology and infrastructure come a long way since we started buying and selling online. There are many way to accomplish the same thing.

Our Approach

We work with you to understand your business and business needs not only for today but in the coming future. Keeping your future growth in mind we will recommend the best solution for you today!

Starting Out Simple

If you want to start small now with future growth in mind WordPress + WooCommerce is a great option. We can help you get up and running in a week! We will install, customize and complete your site on a secure hosting solution – from start to finish.

WordPress + WooCommerce is an open-source platform, meaning it’s been designed to have plugins and extensions do the role of its features. All marketing tools will be available through plugins and extensions. 

It’s a great starter solution.

If you are starting out small but planning a rapid growth and need all the automated tools soon, Shopify hosted solution will be our pick.

Shopify has all the necessary built-in sales features like abandoned cart recovery, discount codes, unlimited products, blog capabilities and over 100 payment options and built-in tax and shipping solution.

We can create a Shopify site from beginning to end in 2-3 weeks.

If you have an extensive catalog and want a seamless integration with your back-office software, we recommend using Nop Commerce.

Nop Commerce  is an open-source eCommerce platform based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core framework and MS SQL Server backend Database. It provides a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. 

We can integrate with most back-office ERP/MRP product such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, or Xero Enterprise.

When your business is Vertically integrated across multiple vendors, a custom solution is required.

We have been developing custom solutions for businesses for over 25 years. Using custom database solutions combined with Microsoft .NET technologies our solutions are secure and scalable.

Building Stronger Ties with Better Solutions

We make every effort to shorten the time between the creation of an idea and the finished product. To accomplish this goal, emphasis is placed on communications. Clearly defined objectives are established upfront, and we remain in close contact with the client throughout the design process.

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