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eCommerce Solutions

Our Approach

Purchasing product(s) should be a natural part of visiting a Web site. The ability to conduct secure transactions across the Internet provides your business with instant access to a worldwide market of buyers for your products and services. By leveraging the power of the Internet, your company can expand its market share by serving geographic and demographic market segments you’ve never been able to target or reach before.

Based on Microsoft SQL and Internet Information Server (IIS), our implementation of a store front is far more secure and scalable than our competition. In addition to front-end functionality, our team of professionals provides our clients with extensive experience in implementing strong security controls for their e-commerce solutions. Our SiteManagerSM make ‘back-end’ management of the site easy and put control in the hands of our clients. Costly and time-consuming updates as product lines expand or change are eliminated.
Building Stronger Ties with Better Solutions
Our e-commerce strategy is a multi prong approach. Retail selling of goods is just one of them. To conform to today's e-business model, you will have to do more:
  • Direct Marketing, Selling, and Service.
    This includes brand development, direct selling, and customer service for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer relationships. Creating site visibility, targeting offers at interested consumers, generating sales leads through a rich shopping experience, and providing responsive customer service and support are critical to online direct marketing, selling, and service.
  • A strong Back Office.
    Every successful Internet retailer needs a strong and integrated Back Office application to keep up and increase it's retail operation. This solutions may include integration of your inventory and accounting system in a way, so your employees are not spending their time re-doing a process.
  • Value Chain.
    This encompasses establishing direct links with trading partners either "upstream" to suppliers or "downstream" to distributors and resellers. The Internet virtually eliminates the need for and the cost of private networks, thus opening up business-to-business communications and e-commerce to companies of almost any size. Internet trading tightens relationships between businesses to create a more dynamic value chain that reduces inventory requirements, shortens billing cycles, and makes businesses more responsive to their customers.

How to get started

Let's meet and review your objectives and goals and address various developmental and technological options.The goal of the initial session is a comprehensive understanding of the expected work, functionality, and business processes. This ensures that we cover the full scope of the project and helps with the development of the project timeline.

Together we develop a plan. From branding, messaging, and functionality we prepare the components for the foundation for everything we do in this Phase. All our projects, whether, web based applications, corporate websites, ecommerce websites or mobile applications; our process ensures meeting your business objectives and marketing goals.

We mock up a design based on our meetings and vision. With the design in mind, we build out the general architecture of your new Website. The home and interior page templates, global navigation, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are all created during this stage. This phase reveals how your website will function once it is complete.

Once the general architecture has been created and approved, we turn it over to you to get started on writing keyword rich and compelling website content. If you prefer, we can introduce you to a number of independent content developer/copy writer who can help you develop content. Once the content is ready to go, we move it onto the site and format the sections using CSS.

At this stage we start custom application development (programming/db) for any of the dynamic (functional, customizable) elements that is required for the project. Much of the programming and database development magic happens simultaneously with the architecture and content stages.

That's right! We said it three times! We cannot emphasize the importance of the testing process. Especially when you have a custom Web application. Once all the components and features are ready to go, we perform a final set of rigorous QA testing. After we’ve verified your site is functioning as intended and conforms to current Web design, development, and accessibility standards, we hand off to you for approval and sign off.

When your site passes QA testing, it's ready to launch and we push it into production for final publishing on the Web Server.

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